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Janhi/Ridge guard chutney(ଜହ୍ନି ପୋଡା)


  • Janhi/Ridge gurad - 2 medium(ଜହ୍ନି)
  • Onion(chopped) - 1medium(ପିଆଜ)
  • Green chillies(chopped)/Roasted dry chilly -2 (ଲଙ୍କାମରିଚ)
  • Mustard oil - 1 tbsp(ସୋରିଷ ତେଲ)
  • Garlic cloves(crushed) - 4(ରସୁଣ)
  • Salt as taste(ଲୁଣ)


  • Brush janhi/ridge guard with oil and roast it on a medium flame.
  • Frequently turn the janhi upside down, until fully roasted.
  • Once done , hold it under running cold water or in a bowl of water. Cool it and peel off the blackened skin.
  • Mash the flesh.
  • Add the finely chopped onion, garlic, green chilies, mustard oil,salt and mix it well.
  • Server with pakhala bhata.

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